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I know that Christmas was over a month ago, but since I had such a long absence, I wanted to share some photos from Christmas at Nana’s house. Before the chaos hit. I couldn’t fit everyone’s gifts in the frame. haha He got such a kick out of the dinosaurs! “Mom! You MADE me dinosaurs?!” […]

On December 20, 2008, my best friendĀ  FINALLY married her soulmate. I was her matron of honor so I didn’t get to take any pictures, but her sister-in-law did and she did an amazing job. I saved some of my favorites (from Facebook, oh my I’ve caught that bug) to share with you all. Walking […]

I’m Back!


Well, I’m tentatively back. A lot of things happened since my last post, one which has limited my crafting and blogging time, but I’m okay with that. See, on December 15th, Steve got laid off. We’ve had a few leads and various different job recruiters have called him with job prospects. He’s had his resume […]