Catching Up


Well, I changed my mind. I don’t like the set up over at Blogspot, so I’m staying put. I’ve come to quite like it here at WordPress. 🙂

I’m not entirely sure what to write about… And since this is technically a knitting blog, I figured I would share some of the past things I’ve knitted.

I’ve mainly knitted tons and tons of longies and shorties. Longies (and shorties for that matter) are knitted pants and are typically made from wool yarn to be used over cloth diapers. The wool has lanolin in it and the lanolin is naturally anti-bacterial and provides a barrier to keep moisture from the cloth diapers from wicking. We’ve mainly used wool throughout our cloth diapering days, and here are most of the pairs I have knitted for him.

These were knitted for others or for sale.

That’s all for now. I have a few more knitted items to share and tons of pictures to share…later. 🙂




I’ve moved my blog. There’s nothing new on it just yet as I just moved it today…but I thought I would give everyone a head’s up. You can now find my family & me over here:

I hope to see you there! 🙂

smiley baby
He weighs about 10lbs and is just over 6 weeks old. Check out those cheeks and double chin…definitely nibble-worthy.

A nice visit



We had my mom and dad in town for a week-long visit a couple of weeks ago. It was such a nice visit with lots of trips to Hobby Lobby (Dad loved their train department haha) and wonderful, much-needed help from my mom (and dad) with unpacking the house. That woman is a machine, I tell you!

We miss you already, Nana & Pop Pop.

Meet Skittles


First off, let me apologize for my long absence. Transitioning from a mama of 2 to a mama of 3 has been a challenge for me. I’ve been keeping my head above water, but still, it’s a challenge. I’m not going to complain; I feel extremely blessed to be trusted by God to raise these 3 little ones. The road may get a little bumpy, but man are these kids amazing.

Now that that’s out of the way, how about some knitting?
002 (4)
It’s cloudy here today…these were the best shots I could get.

While Dom was out of town, Kaitlin played with his snake almost every day. I think most of the reason why was because she missed him. Anyway, about a week before Dom came home I realized that there’d probably be some arguements over the snake, so I decided to knit her one. I asked her what colors she wanted and she requested a rainbow one. I think she probably wanted me to knit her a snake comepletely out of rainbow-y variegated yarn, but that seemed so boring and monotonous. Changing colors every 10 rows kept the endless rows of stockinette stitch interesting somewhat.
001 (4)
I also learned my lesson with Dom’s snake and knit this one on DPNs. It was so much easier, but stuffing it was certainly interesting. Kaitlin enjoyed the stuffing part because I needed her to help me. She giggled everytime she had to stick her hand in it.
003 (5)
Another lesson I learned from Dom’s snake was to stuff firmly. As you can see (sort of…oh cloudy skies!), Dom’s snake is a bit more limp than Kait’s. It’s okay though, so he tells me, he likes it that way. Kait’s snake is also shorter, mainly because the kiddos like to wear their snakes around their necks, and I didn’t want hers to be dragging the ground when she walks.
004 (5)
I’m sure I’ll have to end up knitting Seth one soon…maybe for his first birthday. 🙂

A while back, I found this tutorial and thought it looked like something I might be able to handle, so I bookmarked it. We got a diaper bag at our baby shower, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it would be too big. Let me clarify now that I did register for this diaper bag but it was back when we’d decided to cloth diaper and I figured we would need a larger bag to carry around all the necessities. Over the following weeks, Steve and I discussed it more and I just got the feeling that he’d be more comfortable with using disposables versus cloth. I eventually gave in (although sometimes I still wonder if we’d made the “right” decision…Seth is fine; no diaper rash or anything like that, and we agreed that if he did start to develop any sort of rash that we couldn’t take care of that we would switch to cloth) and we started to build up our reserve of disposable diapers. Fast forward to last month when I came across this tutorial for an awesome diaper bag. I was starting to nest (and most of my nesting was sewing…I had it baaaaaad) and realized that the only diaper bag we had for Seth was much too big. I took this tutorial, made a trip to my local Hobby Lobby to discuss fabric and interfacing options with my favorite fabric lady (her name is  Shirley and she’s awesome), and then came home. The next day I tackled the fabric and 8 hours later (yes 8 hours…that includes cutting, ironing, ironing interfacing, stopping to tend to Kait, and all the sewing) I had this:
Please excuse the quality of the photos…it wasn’t a photography-friendly day when I took these pictures.
This is a shot of the outside front flap. I chose a plain brown fabric because I knew Steve would be carrying it too, and I used denim thread for extra stability.

I fell in love with this funky polka dot print the moment I saw it. The inside has 2 elastic pockets on each side. Figuring out how to attach the pocket fabric with the elastic to the liner fabric was a challenge, but I think I did alright.
A blurry shot of the back velcro pocket and one of the side pockets.
Under the front flap has 2 pockets with velcro closures. Sorry for the blurry photos.
Other side pocket & you can see how I attached the straps. The thread went a little crazy, but I don’t care. It works great and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Baby Love



We are all settling in surprisingly well so far. Of course, I haven’t set up a schedule yet that includes housework, but it’s only been a week, so I think I’m doing alright. The dishes and laundry get done; the kids are bathed, fed mostly wholesome meals and happy; the puppy is taken care of (mostly thanks to Dominic…he’s such a good helper!); and I do find some time each day to get a shower. The one thing that I have realized about myself is that I rely on Steve a lot…mostly for my own sanity, I think. Just having him around me helps me get through the second half of the day. I am so glad that he gets off work so early and is home in time to help me with dinner and getting the kids bathed and in bed.

Seth is doing so well too. He had a check-up this past Monday and we learned that he’d gained 6oz since we left the hospital the previous Thursday; that’s 6oz in 4 days. Woohoo. Mama milk is good. That’s what Kait calls my breastmilk. We had to come up with some way to help her differentiate between breastmilk and regular milk. Silly, I know, but it’s so cute to hear her say “Mama, is Seth having mama milk again?” And Seth is sleeping very well at night. He only gets up once or twice to nurse. I’ve been crazy worried about him getting his nights confused with his days, so I don’t wake him at night to nurse, but I do wake him during the day.

I have been up to some craftiness too. I’ve been knitting something for Kait and I hope to be finished with it soon. There hasn’t been much sewing since Seth was born, but I’m hoping to remedy that once Steve and I get the house in order. I have a few projects planned, the first being to finish my mama’s Christmas gift. haha. She and my dad are flying out in 2 weeks to spend a week with us and I am starting to get pretty excited. I’m determined to have my mom’s gift finished so that she can take it home with her in her suitcase.

Well, I’m off to go do some more laundry.