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Sorry for the lack of posting! Yesterday, I accompanied Dominic on his field trip to the Butterfly Garden, then had a chiropractic appointment, and then had soccer practice right afterwards. I spent last night frantically finishing up Halloween costumes. Today, I had another chiropractic appointment and then I had to go straight to work, so […]

Little joys


I am starting to feel overwhelmed, and it’s mostly my fault. It is Wednesday; there are 2 days, including today, left for me to finish the kids’ Halloween costumes, and I am only 50% finished. The house desperately needs some attention with a large side of elbow grease, and the weather is demanding I finish […]

I used to work in a photo lab. We were completely un-digital; working with ‘hard’ film only. I learned how to process black and white film by hand. I learned how to tweak the color of photos, manually, to get the result I wanted. I learned how to manipulate and twist film to make it […]

I’m lacking in words today. Its seems as if I am lost in my thoughts today. It’s nice to be lost every once in a while. So, I will just leave you with one thing that has me spellbound, and a few pictures that warm my heart. Our forecast high temp for today is 68 […]

Finished Friday


I’m starting a new themed post on Fridays. It’s called Finished Friday and I will be posting pictures of items that I have made. I’m hoping that this will keep me inspired and driven to finish all of the Christmas and wedding knitting that I have on my plate. This will also be tricky because 2 […]

A while back, I discovered a blog. The author is a sweet lady named Geertrude. When I find a blog that I like, I read through all of the posts. Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, I came across this post, and fell in love with this farm quilt. It was so […]

When Dominic first started playing soccer, I have to admit that I was dreading the 10am games. Of course, others had games that started at 9am, but after a week of waking up at 6am for school, I grudgingly gave up my sleeping-in-on-Saturday rights. My attitude quickly changed when I realized that I had an […]