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I had planned on posting some pictures of random things that are making me happy lately, but I got too busy cleaning the house and I ran out of time. I’m at work now and not able to upload pictures. The house is ready and is on the market. The photographers are coming tomorrow to […]

slow down


I’m a stubborn girl. We’re talking knock me over the head stubborn. Ever had one of those moments when God has to do something drastic to get you to pay attention? I had one of those moments today. I’ll explain, but let me back up a little bit. I’ve been really busy this week trying […]

Every weekend (almost) we make the 3 hour drive to Houston to spend the weekend with Daddy (and Grandpa Al, of course). Even though we are in town, Daddy still has to work, so I try to pack lots of things to keep us all entertained. Most weekends there’s at least one trip to the […]

Only 14 weeks & 6 days to go…but who’s counting? Oh, and Mama…please don’t think that my lack of phone calls this week is me avoiding you. It’s not. Kaitlin threw my cell in the bath tub Tuesday morning, so I’m hopefully receiving my replacement today. 🙂

with a loaf of day old bread? Make french toast for dinner, of course!

Baby Blocks


I’ve started on a different afghan for Seth. (star square) My plan is to knit up squares of basically the same size (give or take a row) using various dishcloth patterns. Once I’m finished knitting up all of the squares I’m going to sew them together to make a blanket for Seth. I haven’t decided […]

Our weekend