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Meet Skittles


First off, let me apologize for my long absence. Transitioning from a mama of 2 to a mama of 3 has been a challenge for me. I’ve been keeping my head above water, but still, it’s a challenge. I’m not going to complain; I feel extremely blessed to be trusted by God to raise these […]

So much has happened since I last posted, and to avoid blabbing about it all, I’m going to try to sum it up in a few sentences. Here goes… -We’ve accepted an offer on our house, which was on the market for a week. We close on the 29th, so things are a bit chaotic […]

Every weekend (almost) we make the 3 hour drive to Houston to spend the weekend with Daddy (and Grandpa Al, of course). Even though we are in town, Daddy still has to work, so I try to pack lots of things to keep us all entertained. Most weekends there’s at least one trip to the […]

Baby Blocks


I’ve started on a different afghan for Seth. (star square) My plan is to knit up squares of basically the same size (give or take a row) using various dishcloth patterns. Once I’m finished knitting up all of the squares I’m going to sew them together to make a blanket for Seth. I haven’t decided […]

A jumbled post


I don’t know if I’m blogging too early, or if it’s just that I haven’t had enough coffee, but my mind is feeling a little muddled. I have a couple of pictures that I want to share with you all and hopefully I’ll be able to form coherent sentences to chat about each one. Dominic […]

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. As you read this post, I hope you’ll understand why I was a bit preoccupied yesterday. Everyone has their own interpretation of what their Self-Portrait Tuesday posts will be. Some just post a recent picture, others post older pictures of themselves and then tell the story behind the […]

Just in time, not a moment too soon. We awoke to temps in the high 30s this morning. I was almost too excited. I just finished Kait’s hat yesterday. This version has no pigtail holes, but now that I have a better idea of just how big I need to make her hat, I think […]