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I’ve moved my blog. There’s nothing new on it just yet as I just moved it today…but I thought I would give everyone a head’s up. You can now find my family & me over here: I hope to see you there! 🙂 Advertisements



I had planned on posting some pictures of random things that are making me happy lately, but I got too busy cleaning the house and I ran out of time. I’m at work now and not able to upload pictures. The house is ready and is on the market. The photographers are coming tomorrow to […]

Baby Blues


I have a confession to make. I’m not in the best of spirits, and I don’t know why. Hormones, yes, but I never experienced such downs with my first 2 pregnancies. Truthfully, if I had to designate a pregnancy where depression would’ve hit me it would be my 2nd for some undisclosed reasons (you know […]



I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This week is going by slowly for me. I enjoyed my 4 day weekend too much, I think. We are getting AT&T Uverse today. I’m very excited as I don’t care for the Direct TV that we have right now. It drives me crazy sometimes! (like when we get a lovely windy day and the […]

Hiya. I’m Kristen. I started this blog because I think too much and I needed a place to dump my thoughts. A few things about me: -I’m married to my best friend, Steve (aka hubs). -I’m a mommy; Dominic is 6 and Kaitlin is 2. -I’ve recently gone back to school to become an accountant […]