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Little gardener


Please pay no attention the sickly nature of our plants. The Houston heat has not been very nice to them. I am in the process of preparing an area on the window seat in our bedroom for them. But until that happens, Kaitlin waters them for me every day. Look at that chubby little arm […]



Being on light activity rest can be very frustrating. I’m not supposed to do much, so not much unpacking is getting done during the day. Steve does most of it when he gets home, and I delegate, but being here all day makes me restless. I feel like the boxes are staring me in the […]

Since I got my “orders” to take it easy, I’ve been trying to find different places for me to sit where Kaitlin and Dominic can be in my sight but still have fun. The obvious first answer to this dilemma is the couch, however I’ve been trying to limit the amount of time they spend […]