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A while back, I found this tutorial and thought it looked like something I might be able to handle, so I bookmarked it. We got a diaper bag at our baby shower, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it would be too big. Let me clarify now that I did […]

Have no fear…


Super Kaitlin is here! After many weeks of tying her blankie around her neck as a makeshift cape, she finally has a real one. All of the materials were in my stash, so this item that is sure to cause hours of play cost this mama absolutely nothing. It took me about an hour from […]

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day with temps in the low 60s to get you in the productive mood. There’s broccoli, lettuce, roma tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkin, & cantaloupe so far. I would’ve planted more, but I ran out of potting soil. The hubs has taken on a wonderful excitement for growing our own food […]

On the needles


I promised last week that I would share what has been on my needles. I know I’ve said this before, but I just love self-striping yarn. I find it so magical. It keeps projects that can get monotonous, like this one with its endless rows of stockinette, interesting. I get so excited to see the […]

Well, I don’t have anything finished to share, but I do have lots of progress. But first off, I need to say: CHUCKIE, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!! Haha, okay I’ll explain. Chuck is my big brother who I, just last night, gave my blog address to so that he and his wife, Laura, can […]

Just in time, not a moment too soon. We awoke to temps in the high 30s this morning. I was almost too excited. I just finished Kait’s hat yesterday. This version has no pigtail holes, but now that I have a better idea of just how big I need to make her hat, I think […]

When I finished Kaitlin’s pigtail hat, I was so excited. Excited to finally be finished with it; and relieved: one less thing on the needles. I finished it Monday night while watching Heroes (oh yes, I am addicted), so I had to wait until the following morning to try it on her. Um yea. It’s […]