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Banana Bread


I’m not sure what deal is with all the baking, but I was at it again Saturday. We had some fairly riped bananas and I really hated to throw them out, so I dug out my favorite banana bread recipe and whipped these up in no time. And just in case you wanted to try […]



Can Kristen bake bread from scratch? I chose Elizabeth’s recipe to start out with. Her instructions seemed very clear and basic. Just what a beginner needs. 🙂 I decided that since I was going to make a mess of my kitchen, I might as well make a double batch. I wanted to mix the dough […]

During my surfing of the web last week, I found this recipe for rainbow cupcakes. Kait saw it too and hasn’t stopped talking about them. I promised her last week that we would make them on Saturday. Well, Saturday came and I was so tired and hurting that I just couldn’t muster the energy to […]

with a loaf of day old bread? Make french toast for dinner, of course!

And I kind of like it. Don’t worry, the house is well ventilated. We’re lucky this week is our paint week because our temps have been in the low 80s with wind, so we’re able to open all the windows in the house and turn the fans on to keep the air circulating. Please don’t […]

Dominic has fallen in love with soccer, and Mama couldn’t be happier. He really likes to play defense/keeper. And he has his very own cheerleader. We got that cheerleading outfit along with 3 garbage bags full of hand-me-downs from a family who is dear to our hearts. I love receiving hand-me-downs! They’re already worn in […]

blog crush


I can hide it no longer: I have a blog crush. There’s a wonderful lady named Amanda Soule, who’s blog, soulemama, I must read every day. Sometimes I find myself visiting her site multiple times a day. I love to absorb every word on her site and daydream about making with my children all that […]