Meet Skittles


First off, let me apologize for my long absence. Transitioning from a mama of 2 to a mama of 3 has been a challenge for me. I’ve been keeping my head above water, but still, it’s a challenge. I’m not going to complain; I feel extremely blessed to be trusted by God to raise these 3 little ones. The road may get a little bumpy, but man are these kids amazing.

Now that that’s out of the way, how about some knitting?
002 (4)
It’s cloudy here today…these were the best shots I could get.

While Dom was out of town, Kaitlin played with his snake almost every day. I think most of the reason why was because she missed him. Anyway, about a week before Dom came home I realized that there’d probably be some arguements over the snake, so I decided to knit her one. I asked her what colors she wanted and she requested a rainbow one. I think she probably wanted me to knit her a snake comepletely out of rainbow-y variegated yarn, but that seemed so boring and monotonous. Changing colors every 10 rows kept the endless rows of stockinette stitch interesting somewhat.
001 (4)
I also learned my lesson with Dom’s snake and knit this one on DPNs. It was so much easier, but stuffing it was certainly interesting. Kaitlin enjoyed the stuffing part because I needed her to help me. She giggled everytime she had to stick her hand in it.
003 (5)
Another lesson I learned from Dom’s snake was to stuff firmly. As you can see (sort of…oh cloudy skies!), Dom’s snake is a bit more limp than Kait’s. It’s okay though, so he tells me, he likes it that way. Kait’s snake is also shorter, mainly because the kiddos like to wear their snakes around their necks, and I didn’t want hers to be dragging the ground when she walks.
004 (5)
I’m sure I’ll have to end up knitting Seth one soon…maybe for his first birthday. 🙂


4 Responses to “Meet Skittles”

  1. I love the snakey goodness – they’re adorable!!!

  2. those are super cute snakes!

    and i’m glad your back! i’ve been missing reading little kristen-bits.

    i’ve been thinking about you and your three! wow. keep hanging in there and loving on those three babes and on your hubby!

    hugs and smiles to you!

  3. 3 Jenn

    Hi there!! I love the snakes you knit and have been looking for a LONG time for a pattern I like to knit for my nephew for his birthday. Is there any chance I can get the pattern from you? I Would happily trade you another pattern I have purchsed from Ravelry:) Let me know

    Thanks so much in advance:)


  4. 4 kristenknits

    Jenn, the pattern can be found in the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor. Here’s a link:

    Good luck & thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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