Baby Love



We are all settling in surprisingly well so far. Of course, I haven’t set up a schedule yet that includes housework, but it’s only been a week, so I think I’m doing alright. The dishes and laundry get done; the kids are bathed, fed mostly wholesome meals and happy; the puppy is taken care of (mostly thanks to Dominic…he’s such a good helper!); and I do find some time each day to get a shower. The one thing that I have realized about myself is that I rely on Steve a lot…mostly for my own sanity, I think. Just having him around me helps me get through the second half of the day. I am so glad that he gets off work so early and is home in time to help me with dinner and getting the kids bathed and in bed.

Seth is doing so well too. He had a check-up this past Monday and we learned that he’d gained 6oz since we left the hospital the previous Thursday; that’s 6oz in 4 days. Woohoo. Mama milk is good. That’s what Kait calls my breastmilk. We had to come up with some way to help her differentiate between breastmilk and regular milk. Silly, I know, but it’s so cute to hear her say “Mama, is Seth having mama milk again?” And Seth is sleeping very well at night. He only gets up once or twice to nurse. I’ve been crazy worried about him getting his nights confused with his days, so I don’t wake him at night to nurse, but I do wake him during the day.

I have been up to some craftiness too. I’ve been knitting something for Kait and I hope to be finished with it soon. There hasn’t been much sewing since Seth was born, but I’m hoping to remedy that once Steve and I get the house in order. I have a few projects planned, the first being to finish my mama’s Christmas gift. haha. She and my dad are flying out in 2 weeks to spend a week with us and I am starting to get pretty excited. I’m determined to have my mom’s gift finished so that she can take it home with her in her suitcase.

Well, I’m off to go do some more laundry.


3 Responses to “Baby Love”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    So glad to hear that you’re all doing so well! And those pictures are so sweet. I love how awake Seth is in the last one.

  2. 2 Heidi

    he is so beautiful!!

  3. seth is so sweet!

    and i would say, never, never, NEVER wake a sleeping baby at night! he’ll wake if he needs you!

    hugs to all of you!

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