Little gardener


Please pay no attention the sickly nature of our plants. The Houston heat has not been very nice to them. I am in the process of preparing an area on the window seat in our bedroom for them. But until that happens, Kaitlin waters them for me every day.
Look at that chubby little arm and hand. I just want to eat her sometimes.


3 Responses to “Little gardener”

  1. 1 Mom

    TOOOOO Cute!!

  2. i love your little watering princess. *smile*

    and labor starting . . . i was going to say go for a nice long walk – but maybe not in the sort of heat that you have been having down there! i also know that a very warm bath can head things in the labor-starting direction. but again – who wants a very warm bath when the temps outside are very warm . . . hhmmmmm . . .

  3. I just happened upon your blog and couldn’t help commenting. Your little girl is too adorable. I am expecting my first child, a girl, and I guess I have a soft spot for little girls right now.

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