For my mama


37 weeks. I promised my mama I would post this picture yesterday afternoon. Then we got home and I started dinner and completely forgot. Sorry Mama. πŸ™‚

So, I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and my ob said that everything looks well (although my fluid is back down to 7.5 but that’s okay because I hit my 37 week mark) and she gave us permission to be more active in starting my labor. Don’t worry, I’m not going to run a marathon or anything, but I am going to start taking care of some things around the house (like moving Seth’s bassinet from the living room into our bedroom…haha I kid you not, the house is chaotic right now). I’d also like to organize my fabric and get them stored in some clear bins so I can see what I got. However, that will have to wait for when the hubs gets home because I don’t think I want to brave going out anywhere with the princess by myself. I’ve been doing my best to avoid having to lift her, and if I went to the store by myself I’d have to lift her into the cart. Anyway, I’m still nesting a bit and it’s driving me crazy. Most of the things that I want done in the house I need the hubs for. For instance, moving the above mentioned bassinet into our room, well he needs to move my dresser mirror off the floor (it’s propped up against the wall on my side of the bed) and mount it to my dresser. Yea, things like that. Apparently he can’t find the screws for it, which is fine, but it needs to relocate so I can get Seth’s little area set up. Yes, my mind is going a mile a minute. πŸ™‚

Anyway, any labor starting tips…throw them my way ladies!! And I understand that patience is a virtue and yada yada, but I have a tight schedule this month, which no isn’t Seth’s fault, but I need to have him. My body is physically aching to get him out, seriously.

Don’t worry, Mama. I’m not going to take any castor oil, I promise. πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “For my mama”

  1. 1 Mom

    I thought you said you were going to post the ultrasound picture so I can see my #2 grandson. Maybe I wasn’t listening attentively enough when you told me what picture you were going to post.

    • 2 kristenknits

      Sorry Mama. I meant this picture. We don’t have our scanner set up yet (truthfully, Steve has yet to find it…men!).

  2. 3 Heidi

    I wouldn’t be so hasty at evicting that little one until he is done, I tend to be really conservative when it comes to trying to manipulate my body into going labor… There are a few tricks though… of course sex is always a fun way to start labor, and it will be nice to have that intimate time before the baby arrives since the month or so afterward are pretty much shot in the love making department…you can insert evening primrose oil capsules right against your cervix, they are a natural prostaglandin and will soften your cervix…. I went to a craft fair the day before I had lilah…on my feet for several hours always helps, but you want to make sure that you don’t over do it because you never know what could happen after bedtime so don’t get completely worn out each day because you never want to go into labor tired….other than that I would say leave well enough alone unless you are in a hurry for medical reasons…
    So excited for you!!

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