There has been a lot of sewing happening in our house these days. Most of it has been on a project that I haven’t quite finished yet, so I’m not going to elaborate on it…but I do have some little things to share with you all.

Father’s Day presents for my goober of a husband. He loves the Simpsons (hey, nobody’s perfect ha). I made him a pillow cover (which is still a lil too big, but I’m still learning….) & a little fabric garbage bag for his truck. The loop has velcro on it so he can attach it wherever he wants. I didn’t use a pattern…just flew by the seat of my pants. It’s not perfect by any means, but I plan on coming up with a more concrete pattern for it in the future. I want to make myself one!

Little sets of somthings for my mama & dad. I’m a terrible daughter and Mother’s Day flew right past me without sending anything to my mom. So, when I decided to make something for my dad for Father’s Day, I made something for my mom too. Of course, being my true self, these have yet to make it into the mail (yes, I know Father’s Day was this past Sunday)….but in my own defense, it’s scorchingly hot outside and Kait and I like to stay holed up in the house. They will be going into the mail today though…we have to leave the house for my ob appointment.

Bibs for my adorable neice, Taylor, to use while she’s at Nana’s house. My mom has my brother & his family over a lot to visit, so I wanted to send her some useful items that she can keep at her house to hopefully cut down just a little bit on Chuck and Laura’s packing. We all know that packing for an overnight trip for a little one requires a lot of stuff. I hope these help out! The fronts are just cotton from my stash (I geek out over the ballerina print every time I look at it), and I used some of Kait’s old girly flannel receiving blankets for the backs. The Tinkerbell print and pink fabric (which has little silver stars, but it’s hard to see in the photo) are leftovers from Kait’s quilt that has been a loooong work in progress for me. I’m hoping to get it finished by the time Steve builds Kait her big girl bed (more on that later…like once he finally buys the wood and actually starts on it haha). And just for Elizabeth, I fussy cut around the center Tinkerbell (in fact, I fussy cut around all the Tinkerbell squares that are going to be in the quilt too). 🙂 I didn’t use a pattern for these; I just traced around one of Kait’s larger bibs. I wanted these to be a bit on the bigger side so that Taylor can use them for a long time. I do want to whip up a bunch more of these for Seth…I have lots of scraps of boy fabrics and I’m itching to transform them into bibs right now!

Pillowcase dress(es) for Kaitlin. I used this tutorial except that I didn’t make ties for the straps, I actually made straps. If you read the tutorial, you’ll see what I mean. I ended up having to take in the straps quite a bit, but I just folded them down and hand-sewed them to the inside of the back of the dress; so hopefully she will get at least another summer out of this dress. I made another one using a different tutorial, but I didn’t like the outcome, so I’m hoping to rip out a couple of seams and mend it to be like this one. I already have another pillowcase cut and ready to be sewn (it’s white with little navy blue anchors on it with light red rope on it…I’ve been geeking out over it too, it’s so cute!), but I’m debating on whether I should use some of the leftover pillowcase to make the straps, or if I should make some out of contrasting fabric (perhaps navy blue or red…not sure). I also want to add ric rac to the bottom that matches the straps, should I decide to make them contrasting. Okay, enough rambling. Here’s another shot of Kait in the dress, but it’s of the back. Oh yes, and the photo also has another shot of my ginormous belly. 😛
Hey Mama, check out her french braids! 🙂


3 Responses to “Sewing”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    Wow, you got a lot done! I love those bibs, such a great little project! I’m hoping for babies in my future (not mine and hopefully not grandchildren within the next two years), so I can make a batch too.
    That dress is very cute. Oh, and my husband loves the Simpsons too.

  2. oh that dress is wonderful! i may have to try that out!

    lots of lovely and fun sewing! good way to stay cool. *smile*

  3. 3 justbeingkim

    I love all the stuff….you’re so crafty!

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