Being on light activity rest can be very frustrating. I’m not supposed to do much, so not much unpacking is getting done during the day. Steve does most of it when he gets home, and I delegate, but being here all day makes me restless. I feel like the boxes are staring me in the face, laughing at me. I wish I could show you all pictures of the new house, but it’s so not ready. So instead, I thought I’d show you our seedlings.

All of these are currently residing on our window seat in the kitchen until the raised garden beds are constructed (which will hopefully be done this weekend along with getting my clothesline put up). It gets the most constant sun during the day.

We went out last night and bought the necessary supplies to build our raised garden beds….well minus a couple of things. We need some tomato cages (I dunno how else to describe them), more strawberry plants (sooo hard to come by because it’s late in the season, I know this), & tulle. Why tulle you ask? To keep the stupid birds out of my garden. They’ve eaten all the blackberries off my bush, all the strawberries, and are starting to peck at my yet-to-ripen tomatoes! Any tips to would be greatly appreciated. I asked the lady working at the garden center at Home Depot yesterday and she suggested making inexpensive netting out of tulle. That’s where I’m starting, but I’d love anymore tips any of you can give me. Don’t get me wrong…birds are beautiful creatures and I enjoy their songs, but geez…they need to stay away from my plants! grr.


5 Responses to “Seedlings”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    Oh birds! Yes, I know! I have never even tasted one of the cherries of that beautiful tree!
    I have no idea how to keep them away, I hope the tulle works!

  2. 2 Dad

    Why don’t you just jump up on a pole! Seriously, try black screen or chicken wire. Use steaks in the middle and make sure the screen or wire touch the ground so they can’t get under it. Steak down the sides It may also be squirrels.

  3. 3 Teresa

    We just planted out seedlings and it has turned off so cold here – I’m afraid of frost now that they’re in the ground…

  4. 4 Bubba

    I have a bb gun that I could send you…I was using it to scare off the cats until dad gave me that awesome trap…I’ve already caught and released two cats and working on a third one now…

    btw, I was joking about the bb gun….maybe put out some bird feeders to give them another source of food…


  5. 5 Heidi

    they make this really heavy duty bird netting, you can find it at most garden shops maybe home depot will carry it… you need a fake owl, and some sparkly plastic ribbon stuff tied to your tomato cages

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