One of her own


007 (2)
“Mama, can I push my ‘troller now?”

008 (2)
009 (2)

We found this little stroller at Traders Village in Houston for $5. She plays with it every. single. day. She’s also getting  a new baby doll for her birthday and I’m hoping that the stroller and the baby will help her prepare for her brother’s arrival.

I’ve been concentrating on resting. Seth has been so active lately; he’s getting to be such a strong boy. The kids’ birthday party is this Saturday; I’m going it alone that day. Steve can’t get the time off for the party and for the closing of the house. Luckily, I have a few really good friends who are going to help out with the party. And then we are heading to Houston right afterwards with another truckload of boxes. I’m getting excited and nervous about our move. I’m so excited about getting in the new house, but I’m nervous about how much work is still ahead of us.


3 Responses to “One of her own”

  1. so cute with her little stroller!

    i hope the party is fun and everyone is easy-going. 🙂

  2. 2 justbeingkim

    I wanna go to Jumpie Jumpie for my birthday!

  3. 3 Mom

    How cute! That’s our girl.

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