A First for Kaitlin


I just recently found my camera cord, so I’m playing catch up this week instead of posting pictures of crafty goodness…because honestly, there’s not much to share right now. Most of my time and energy has been focused on packing, cleaning, and trying to keep little hands from making more mess than my sanity can handle.

Anyway, last month we took Kaitlin to get her very first haircut. This turned out to be a bigger deal to me than I expected. The owner of the shop offered to bag some of her hair for me, but I declined. I didn’t keep the hair from Dom’s first haircut (he was 8 months old). I had one of those “wow, boys are very different from girls” moments as I watched her getting her hair cut.

Such a ham!


3 Responses to “A First for Kaitlin”

  1. 1 Kim

    She is a ham!!!

  2. lovin’ the funny girl. 🙂

    how’s the packing coming?

    my maddie thinks your kaitlin looks like a fun girl. it would be fun to play together. maybe someday.

  3. 3 Mom

    That’s our girl!!! A chip off the ole block, huh Kristen?

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