Snips, snails, & puppy dog tails…


…that’s what little boys are made of.

I am very excited and blessed to “introduce” you all to our SON, Seth James. Mama and Daddy are very excited!

And for some knitting goods…

2 more baby hats…this time knitted up in some Noro Kureyon scraps. They’re not as scratchy as I thought they’d be, but I still might line them with some thin flannel…just in case. I just hope that the lining won’t interfere too much with their stretching ability. The left hat is apporximately a size 0-6 months and the right is newborn size. I’ll know more accurately the sizes once little Seth makes his appearance. 🙂

More progress has been made on the biased baby blanket. I’m almost to the point where I will need to start decreasing to create the other half of the blanket. I’m considering adding a hood to the blanket, but I’m not sure yet.

And just for Nana & Pop Pop:

Kaitlin says “thank you!!”


10 Responses to “Snips, snails, & puppy dog tails…”

  1. oh! hello!

    and hello to little Seth James! what fun! now you know who you are growing and loving and waiting on!

    and the hat – line it with some soft, stretchy cotton – an old T-shirt perhaps?

  2. I like Seth 🙂

  3. 3 Dad

    I heard that Dominic wanted the baby to be called “Mark”! What a cute idea. I sent your birthday present today, Friday, I hope you like it!!!

  4. 4 Dad

    I think you should explain to all who don’t know the reason why you gave Dom that particular middle name? I don’t mean to keep the same initials as his daddy. It’s a touching story and I think everyone will like it.

  5. Hello to Seth James! I hope everything continues to go well with you. It looks like your knitting is coming along, as is the baby. I agree with Elizabeth, that perhaps an old t-shirt would be best for lining the hat. They’re wool already, and you don’t want the poor baby to overheat!

  6. Sweet!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. 7 Geertrude

    I really thought I commented on this, but it must have skipped my mind. So sorry! Congratulations on having another boy!

  8. Congratulations!

  9. those hats are positively divine! I just adore the colors… and congratulations on having a baby boy. Boys are so much fun

  10. oh yeah, and as for the Kureon being a bit scratchy, try soaking it in vinegar water, and then some hair conditioner and they really get soft when you lanolize them

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