Mama would be proud


We’ve begun the purging and packing process of moving. I am planning a garage sale for March 21st or 28th (who knows? maybe both weekends).
So I’m going through the house, room by room, and getting rid of things that don’t fit, we don’t use or need. I’ve finished Kait’s room (with exception of her clothes and some blankets; we’re waiting to find out the sex of the baby first) and have started on my room. I say my mama would be proud because she has declared me the Family Pack Rat. I am trying, Mama, can you tell? 🙂
It was difficult to deem some items for the garage sale; I kept thinking “when I lose this baby weight….” but Steve reminded me that he has a job now, and we can go shopping when we BOTH lose some weight. We are planning exercising and dieting more once I have the baby. We are eating more healthy food, but I can’t “diet” while I’m pregnant. And my dear husband is the type that needs a “diet buddy” and I am more than willing to oblige once I’ve delivered our Sweet Pea.

Speaking of the Sweet Pea…I’m 18 weeks today.
(photo  by Steve)

And because I realized yesterday afternoon that you couldn’t really see the colors of the blanket I’m knitting…
It really amazes me just how much computer screens differ. Yesterday’s post was done on our “home” computer and today’s is being done on my laptop (which is the norm…I was just being lazy yesterday and didn’t feel like waiting for my laptop to boot up…pathetic, I know). Anyway, you can see the color stripes better in this photo, I think. It’s still a fairly subtle striping pattern, which I like. From far away, it just looks like a grey blanket, but when you look at it up close, you can see the stripes.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to organize my yarn, fabric, and craft stuff (including my books…which I did get rid of about 8 or 10 on Monday when I attacked our entertainment center). I have to work a half day this afternoon; I must say that I’m enjoying how much more energy I have now that I’m not having to work every day.

Happy Wednesday to you all!


5 Responses to “Mama would be proud”

  1. 1 Mom

    Mama IS proud. Looks like you are doing a great job!! Keep up the good work. I am glad you have more energy now, you will need it with all the purging and packing. May I suggest something? Put a box in each room and as you are purging and you see things that you want to keep but won’t use before you move, put it in a box – thus starting to pack. Just a thought.

    BTW, the maternity top you have on makes it look like the sweet pea has grown a bit in the past few weeks. How big did you say Steve was when he was born? I am going to see about finding you some maternity tops here in Charleston and mailing them to you in the next box I send to you. In case I forget to ask when I call you next, let me know what size you need. I love you guys. It was so great to talk to Dom and Kaitlin the other night. It was just what I needed!!

  2. 2 justbeingkim

    You look really good in yellow! Good luck on the packing! It’s such a tedious thing!

  3. 3 Dad

    I like your yellow top, can we call you Big Bird?

  4. 4 Dad

    Well, one very small bright spot about the move to Houston, you alll will be closer to us, and air fare should be a little cheaper. When you have your yard sale you can;t have too much advertising. Invite people from your church, bonko, work, etc. Put up a sign in your yard “moving everything must go”.

  5. you look so great! I love that hairdo..
    is that jarbo garn duo you are knitting the blanket in? I didn’t know you guys were moving to Houston, I lived in the woodlands once upon a time…before we came to Idaho we had a great church out there too it was called Woods Edge

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