I am determined to be positive.

We got some news last week that we weren’t exactly expecting or wanted. It seems that the job here in Austin fell through due to transfer issues. I’ve repeated the how’s and why’s so many times that I just don’t have the strength to do it again (especially since I’m so determined to stay positive); but let’s just say that in order for a position for Steve to open up in the Austin office some people were transferring (they’d requested the transfers which opened up the spot for Steve), but the whole process fell through due to some technicalities that couldn’t be worked out. So, we’ve decided to tentatively accept the job offer in Houston. The pay is a little less than we were expecting, but it is a job and so I am thankful for that. I am refusing to dwell on the negatives (like moving), and so I ask you all:

If you have a comment to make about our move situation that is not positive or encouraging, please keep it to yourself.

I don’t say that to be rude; it’s just that we are trying to look on the bright side of things and not dwell on things that are beyond our control. Steve will be working long hours and at least every other weekend, but it is a much needed paycheck that we are trying to focus on. In short, we are blessed to have this opportunity and that’s that.

Moving right along…
The lettuce seedlings are hard to see, but they are there. I am so excited about these guys and I’m really hoping that I will be able to keep them in their pots until we move into our new house. *crosses fingers*

I have been doing some knitting. I need something to help me unwind.
For those of you wondering, this is a blanket for the Sweet Pea. It’s a biased blanket, meaning that it is knitted from one corner to another. I had 4 or 5 balls of this grey yarn (that has a subtle self-stripe to it of light blue, orange, yellow, and pink) in my stash and thought that they would look so sweet knitted up in a baby blanket.

Well, I’m off to clean and hang laundry on the line. Oh yea, about the field trip yesterday….a certain pregnant mama, who will remain unnamed, forgot to check her camera for her memory card, thus there were no pictures. We had a fun thime though. 🙂


3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Sorry Steve’s job situation isn’t necessarily what you wanted, but at least it’s something. Maybe it’ll be a whole new adventure for you & your family. Good for you for looking at the positives. I need to try that more in my life.

  2. 2 Geertrude

    That looks like such a soft and cuddly blanket! I love the colors.

  3. what a very cool picture of a very pretty blanket!

    and moving – though moving us just plain *ugh!* i hope that your packing goes well and that things go very smoothly.

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