So starts another week. Not much to say today. We (Steve and myself) are going on a field trip with Dom’s class to The Austin Science & Nature Center today. I’m taking my camera (new camera…Steve got me a DSLR for Christmas, I’ve just yet to really gush about it…it’s awesome) in hopes of getting some good shots of my little man having some fun. He’s so much more independent these days so he’s not always around when the camera comes out. And he’s definitely not the first one to request his picture be taken. No no, that would be our little diva.

Anyway, just wanted to check in with you all. We are doing fine. I should be getting some relief at work starting this week. Some people have ever-so-graciously agreed to take over some of my shifts and my boss is easing up on my duties when I have to work a full day. I am very grateful and hope that this is the answer to my energy issues. I’m also hoping that I start to feel more like I’m in my 2nd trimester and less like I’m just starting out. I will be 18 weeks on Wednesday and I can’t wait until I really start to enjoy the bliss of being pregnant. I enjoyed my other 2 pregnancies very much by this point, but this one, not so much. And I really, really don’t want to be one of those gals who is miserable through their whole pregnancy.

Okay, okay. Enough rambling. I’m off to pack lunches, camera, and yarn (oh yes there will be some knitting, I’m sure) for our journey today.

Happy Monday to you all!


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