I promise a decent post is coming soon. I’ve just been so worn out lately. This week and next week I’m working 6 days, so all of my energy has been focused on getting myself to work, my duties at work, driving myself home, and keeping my eyes open long enough to eat some dinner and make it to bed. We are supposed to be interviewing a girl today who wants 40 hrs, so hopefully that will work out and she can take on more of my hours. It was never a permanent thing for me to work full-time.

Steve’s been told to expect an offer from the company here in Austin since Monday but something always seems to come up to prevent them from emailing the offer. Yesterday, he was told that all of the papers were ready but that they needed one more signature and that person wasn’t in the office today. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate an offer this weekend.

We have plans to eat dinner with our neighbors this Friday or Saturday. It’s amazing how close we’ve gotten to these neighbors. They’re the only people we even talk to on our street. We were sort of hesitant to spend more time with them because we weren’t sure if we would be moving or not. I’m so glad we did spend more time with them. They’re really nice people and we’re pretty sure they like us just as much as we like them.

Even though I’ve been working more hours, I have gotten some knitting done. I’m about 75% finished with 2 wool soakers (I promise a post on why I’ve chosen cloth diapers is coming soon!); I just have to seam them up the front and knit the ribbed leg cuffs on them. I’ve also started a feather and fan afghan for the Sweet Pea, but I think I’m going to rip it out because I just can’t seem to get the pattern right. I do fine until the last 4 stitches (where I’m supposed to end up with 3 instead of 4). I’ll just have to find a different pattern. Since I’m out of baby things to knit that are small, portable, and mindless, I’m going to take Dom’s snake to work today to work on.

On a total random note, I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice on the internet and am totally loving it. There’s not much to do during the day sometimes (the busy-ness comes in big spurts), so I just sit at my computer and read and knit.

Oh, I’ve also got Bunko tonight. I’m excited about going…as long as I can stay awake, haha.

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!


One Response to “Incoherent”

  1. oh, i hope it slows down for you.

    i need it to slow down for me, too . . .

    ahhhhh. jane austen. i just watched all of sense and sensibility last night. so peaceful and just plain good!

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