I seem to have injured myself yesterday afternoon; my arm to be more exact. I have no idea how or when it happened, but it got worse as the evening wore on. I’m a lil stubborn when it comes to muscle hurts. Sure, I will voice my discomfort, but I’m not one to ice or take anything for it. I think this is because, subconsciously, if I give in to ice and Tylenol, then it might be more serious than I want to think it is. It really bugs me that I can pinpoint an incident to connect with my arm pain. I didn’t lift anything heavy, fall, or over-exert myself. It’s very frustrating. The pain is 360 degrees around my arm. My wrist and elbow hurt. Even my fingers hurt and are stiff. I couldn’t even sleep on my left side last night; I spent the majority of the night on my back with my arm laying across my torso.

Of course, the timing is impeccable…I’m supposed to be attending my first-ever knitting group tonight.  I’m going to try and rest my arm as much as I can (I’m seriously considering wearing a sling), alternating between ice and heat, and popping Tylenol all day today so that I’m hopefully feeling better enough tonight to knit. Should I go if I’m not going to be able to partake in any yarny fun? I’m not sure. At any rate, I feel pretty pathetic.



4 Responses to “Oww”

  1. oh dear!

    i say, go whether your arm is up to it or not. at least you’ll get to watch and visit with some other knitters. you’d feel worse if you stayed home.

    i hope it gets better quick!

  2. 2 Mom

    I agree with Elizabeth that you should go to the knitting group. It should be fun.

  3. 3 justbeingkim

    Hope your arm is better….
    How was the knitting group…did you go?

  4. Hope your arm feels better!

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