We have an 80% chance of rain today. This is very rare for us, seeing as we are in a drought. So, although I welcome the much-needed rain, I find myself longing for the sun. I know there are lots of you out there who are being hit heavily with the February Blues, so I thought I would post these pictures for all of us. There’s nothing extremely significant about them…just some shots of my children enjoying the outdoors a few weeks ago. Steve was working on finishing the tile on our porch (it looks really good, I’ll have to get some pictures taken) and so we all went outside to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and keep him company. My children don’t usually need much to entertain themselves outside…sidewalk chalk and a soccer ball provide hours of fun.

For those of you who endured my gushing about my new car…there’s about 2/3’s of it. haha.

There’s a baby afghan, wool soaker, & plain garter stitch baby bib on the needles. Nothing is completed enough (well I have one bib finished, but it’s really not that exciting) to warrant blogging. I’ve also picked my MIL’s Christmas present back up (I’m crocheting it, and I feel bad for abandoning the craft for so long to just exclusively knit) to hopefully finish it before my birthday (3/14). I’m also hoping to have my mom’s Christmas present finished by then too. I find that if I give myself a due date, then usually I can get it done by then. Oh, I also finished the Danica scarf, but I need to block it. I’ll post pictures soon of that too.

Here’s hoping you find some light.


One Response to “Sun”

  1. thanks for the sunny pictures. *smile*

    it’s raining here . . .

    i’m feeling melancholy.

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