When I start a post, I usually know the “atomosphere” or “mood” of the post, but I honestly don’t today. I’ve been trying to come up with a word or phrase to describe how I am feeling today, but I can’t condense it down to a few words. So, a-rambling I will go….

This pregnancy is kicking my butt. Seriously. This is going to come out waaaaay wrong, but I am going to say it anyway. I am thankful that is our last pregnancy. I honestly don’t know if my body would be able to handle another pregnancy (although that would be wonderful…I, personally, don’t mind going to 4, but Steve thinks we can only afford 3…little does he know, you never actually afford kids ha). A little rundown of everything going on with my body. I am past the morning sickness, I think. I’m still taking my Phenegran every night because I am so scared that I’m going to get sick in the morning. I keep toying with the idea of not taking it one Friday night just to see how I do the following Saturday morning. I know better than to attempt this during the week when I have to work. Another whine that I’m sure you all know about is my energy level. Granted, it has gone up some, but seriously, it hasn’t spiked like I keep expecting it to. I mean, I’m 15 1/2 weeks; when does the 2nd trimester energy kick in? The lack of energy is what makes everything else I’m experiencing so much harder to handle. Also, my hips and pelvic bone are already starting to spread and “make more room for baby.” Most days it feels like I am being ripped apart by the legs like I’m a wishbone. And when I’ve been on my feet a lot, I get home and can barely put any weight on my legs because it hurts my hips so much. To top it all off, I have a new “issue” to add to my whiney pregnancy pile: vertigo. Just the word makes me want to cry. Talk about not having any control over your body!! I am a control freak. We all know this. It’s the main reason why I’d rather break a bone than vomit…because I can control the movement of the broken bone to prevent pain. You can not prevent vomiting very easily. But anyway, back to the vertigo. It’s really taking its toll on me. It hits me mostly at night (yes yes, I do realize this is directly linked to my lack of energy); when I roll over I’m jolted awake my the sensation that the room is rocking, literally. It is very frustrating and unsettling. I did get some medication for it (which I’m a lil disgruntled about…yet another pill that I wish I wasn’t taking, especially while I’m pregnant, although I’ve been assured many times that it won’t hurt my baby) but the most common side effect is drowsiness. Great. As if I’m not already clinging to the little bit of energy that I do have. Blah.

I know I’m whining a ridiculous amount, and there are women out there who cannot have children and would trade places with me in heartbeat. It’s not that I’m ungrateful for this growing child inside me. Most days, it’s all that I can think about. It’s just that I’ve never had trouble with vertigo; as soon as I hit 13 weeks all of my energy came back; and the whole pelvic/hip pain didn’t hit until my 3rd trimester. This baby is extraordinarily unique. I know this. I just wish that he/she would ease up on me a little bit. Oh yea, and did I mention that I haven’t gained any weight yet? This will sound horrible, but that factor really doesn’t bother me much, in fact I’m a little bit happy about it. Before I get fussed at, let me say that I was “overweight” when I got pregnant, I eat like crazy all day long, and I’ve been eating much more healthy food since I’ve been pregnant. This baby has me craving fruits and vegetables more than I could ever imagine. So, the whining issues aside, the pregnancy is going good. The baby is healthy, heartbeat is good…all the important things are good. The baby is moving more and more each day and I get so excited when I feel the little flutters and thumps. 

Okay, so I do have some knitting news. I finished Dominic’s hat! Of course, it’s too big but at least he will get a second winter out of it. I used the same pattern as I did for my brother’s hat  (which got gifted before I was able to get a picture of the finished hat…sorry!)  but I increased my cast-on stitches from 100 to 110 and knitted it extra long so that there would be a cuff (and then next winter, I’m sure he’ll be big enough to unroll the cuff). I used some more yarn from my Patons SWS stash in Natural Indigo and Natural Sky. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

In other knitting news, I’m going to be finishing the Danica that I started forever-ago for my friend’s daughter. I’m so excited to finally get that off my list of UFO’s.  

Other projects I need to tell you all about:
1-Steve’s mom’s Christmas afghan…I need to finish it. haha I’m really hoping that the finished product will look how I’ve pictured it in my mind.
2-My mom’s Christmas present. She understood that I was having tummy/queasy/morning sickness issues and is patiently waiting for me to finish it. I don’t have too much left to do with it. I’m sorry for being so vague, but she reads my blog and I want it to be a surprise.
3-I started a sleep sack like Soulemama’s sack for our Sweet Pea. It’s probably about halfway finished. I’m afraid that I might run out of yarn, but hopefully Michael’s will have more.
4-I need to finish the snake for Dom.
5-I need to sew some clothes for the dolly I knitted for Kait way-back-when.

Now for some things that I need to knit:
-hats for Steve & myself
-mittens for the whole family
-possibly scarves for the kiddos (I don’t think I’ll be able to convince Steve to wear one)
-more diaper soakers for Sweet Pea
-feather & fan afghan for Sweet Pea
-booties and hats for Sweet Pea

I could list more and more, but I need to hop off of here and get ready for work. Happy Friday everyone!

p.s. If you feel so inclined, please pray for my mom. She had jaw surgery yesterday and has a long recovery ahead of her. Thanks!


3 Responses to “Argh”

  1. My first pregnancy was just like that – all the important things were fine, but I was just miserable with every little thing. I had back pain starting at about 10 weeks, and all the way through. My job had me on my feet all day at that time, so I’m sure that was part of the problem. I totally feel your pain!

  2. I’m sorry that you are not feeling well. That makes me not feel well either. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, you’ll get some energy back!

    I love Dom’s hat! He looks too cute in it!

    And my prayers for your mom! Keep me updated on how she is!!!

  3. I have so been there! Hang in mama.

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