Finished Friday: Progress


Well, I don’t have anything finished to share, but I do have lots of progress. But first off, I need to say:


Haha, okay I’ll explain. Chuck is my big brother who I, just last night, gave my blog address to so that he and his wife, Laura, can keep up with our lives as well as see pictures of our kiddos. But, I want to show progress on one of his Christmas presents, so he can’t look. Or rather, if he wants to be surprised, it is his responsibility not to look.

On with the progress…

As I mentioned before, I wanted to make my brother a couple of hats for Christmas, particularly an orange one. Well, after a very nice telephone conversation with my brother last night (where he gave me his and his family’s head circumferences), I got very excited to cast on for that ribbed hat I mentioned (especially because the finished head size for the hat is 23.5″ and that’s exactly my bro’s head size). The pattern calls for size 8 DPNs (double pointed needles for you non-knitter folk :)), and since I only have 1 set (maybe I’ll get some more for Christmas…which reminds me, I HAVE to give Steve my Christmas list today..ohh, rambling, sorry!) and I need that set for all of the hats I plan on making this Christmas, I knew I had to start right away. It wasn’t until I was 1/3 of the way into the hat that it dawned on me that I was using the wrong color yarn (I told you I was overly excited haha)! Oh well! I think it still looks good.
It’s not really slanted, it’s just a little crazy-looking while I’m knitting it.

And I’ve made yet more progress on Dom’s snake!
The very top is purple. I just started the purple yesterday while waiting in the Parent Pick-Up line at Dom’s school. I’m not sure how long I will let it “grow;” I just figured I would keep knitting until I ran out of yarn. We’ll see, I guess. It’s pretty long though; I’d guess it’s about 3 feet now, maybe a little less. I’ve come to accept that I’m definitely going to have to line it though. I should have used size 4 needles instead of the 5’s, but oh well. Last weekend, Steve cleaned out his sea bag from when he was in the Navy and came across a pair of white uniform pants. I believe they should be the perfect length to line the snakey.

Here’s something that I’ve been working on for a while, just for me.
A Noro Striped Scarf! I lovelovelove this yarn, even more than I love the Patons (but the Patons is a close second). The striping and colors of this yarn never cease to amaze me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knitting this scarf and I hope to have it finished by the time we fly home to SC. It’s very long; at least as long as I am tall, but that’s what I was going for. 🙂 Here are a couple of my favorite color spots:

Hopefully I will have Chuck’s hat finished today, but I can’t promise. We are going to see Twilight tonight!!!


4 Responses to “Finished Friday: Progress”

  1. I made the Man-Cub a snake (years ago) – I love your bright colors – his is done is shades of brown – he used to take it with him to the zoo – so sweet.

  2. i am excited to see the finished snake!

    and you could visit elissa’s blog and tell her you found her on my blog and ask her about a banner. she just may work something out for you. 🙂 she is a talented and kind gal. her site is on my sidebar – called On My Way Home.

    happy knitting and happy weekend to you!

  3. Hi Kristen,
    (I saw your comment on Elizabeth’s blog… and I always love new projects… so I though I would jump in and see what you were looking for!)
    I would love to help you out with a web banner. What kind of banner are you using now? A template? And is this a blog that you have some control to edit the appearance of your blog?
    Send me some ideas or pics you’d like to use and I’ll see what I can come up with.

  4. isn’t my friend lovely! it will be fun to see what you two come up with!

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