Finished Friday: Rasta baby


When I finished Kaitlin’s pigtail hat, I was so excited. Excited to finally be finished with it; and relieved: one less thing on the needles. I finished it Monday night while watching Heroes (oh yes, I am addicted), so I had to wait until the following morning to try it on her. Um yea. It’s too big, and it’s too small. Too big because my circumference is all off. It’s literally baggy on her. I tried it on her a few times while I was working on it, but I guess that “measurement” isn’t very reliable because I was worried that it was still too small. Too small because I still didn’t get the depth of the hat enough length to cover her ears completely. Of course, if I’d gotten the circumference right, I’m sure that would’ve helped with the ear coverage.

Anyway, as I was taking pictures of my 2nd failed attempt (because I promised, and I try not to go back on promises), the hubs jokingly said “She looks like a little Rasta baby.” And thus the title. The more I look at her with it on (even though it looks ridiculous on her, she won’t take it off), the more I can see the Rasta (by the way am I spelling that right? Rasta? Like pasta but with an R? Or should it be Rahsta? I dunno).

And so I present to you, our Rasta/Rahsta baby:

So, it’s back to the drawing board, yet again. This is the first time in my knitting history where I am experiencing the importance of swatching. When I first realized that it didn’t work how I wanted it to, I contemplating crocheting it as I have a lot more control over my crocheted projects, but then I started thinking about swatching for knitting and I might go that route. But that requires me to brush the dust off my math skills. Maybe I will try both and see which one I like best. I don’t know yet.

Do any of you have any suggestions? At any rate, I HAVE to whip something up for tomorrow’s soccer game. It’s supposed to be in the high 40s tomorrow morning with a high of only 63 (and in Texas, we reach our highs at like 5pm, so it’s going to be cold for practically all day).


4 Responses to “Finished Friday: Rasta baby”

  1. your little girl is so dang cute! even in a baggy hat. *wink*

    and i’m sorry. as i told you. i don’t knit. (yet.) *wry smile*

  2. 2 Geertrude

    Oh, she’s cute!

    I “forget” to swatch most of the time and even when I do things seem to get off when the project evolves (I think my knitting is tighter when I’m knitting something very small).
    If you are planning to use the same yarn you might be better off measuring and counting from this hat.

    Maybe you can try to felt this one a little? It still won’t cover her ears, but it might fit better.

    And if you have to whip up something for tomorrow, how about a headband ( ? A wide one will cover her ears and it will be under her pigtails.

  3. There is a silver lining to every cloud. Just think, she will be able to wear it next year and you won’t have to make her one. Just the same, she is so darned cute. I can’t wait to get a hold of her and not let go. I can’t wait for her to say, “Nana, Nana, Nana,” in person and wait until she asks for Pa Pa. I will tickle her silly. Of course, I have a lot of love and hugs and kisses for my precious Dom Dom too. No, I don’t love him more than Kaitlin, I love them both for their own special ways, but those of you who have grandchildren, there is just something about that first grandchild. Anyway, I love all of you and can’t wait to get all of you in my arms, even you Steve!!! Only 33 days to go.

  4. I love the hat! I think you should keep it that way!!!!!

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