Anticipation & Preparation


*Disclaimer: This post is filled with Christmas rambling.

Since there is only *gasp* 36 days until we leave for Charleston for Christmas, I’ve decided to get my Christmas knitting in order. I need to figure out what I’m making for my family, the specifics of each project, and which items can be reserved for a little later, ie: plane knitting (not to mention the countless hours I plan on spending by my parents’ fireplace, knitting…ohhhh I can’t wait!). Also, I need to make some lists (we know how I love my lists!) of just what I need to pack for each family member, and I also need to get the kids surprise goodie bags in order (that’s a post in itself). I am determined to fit all of my clothes and the kids’ clothes in my rolling duffle bag (that bag has secret, bottomless compartments, I swear!), freeing up 2 suitcases for stowing Christmas presents. In a perfect world, we would be able to reserve all of our gift opening for Christmas morning, but the hubs is convinced that we can’t because of weight issues (I believe we’d still be fine as long as we leave his 2 largest gifts at home, haha). I’m not giving up on this fight yet. I think I’ve inherited my dad’s talent of consolidation (or it could be that I inherited my mom’s OCD, we don’t know for sure yet…haha love you Momma), and I think I could fit all of our Christmas presents in the 2 largest suitcases.

So, one of my goals for this entry was to put into words and on “paper” what I’m going to be making for my family for Christmas this year. I will do my best not to spoil any surprises.

My brother, Chuck: 2 hats, one orange and one blue. I promised him I would keep his hats simple and as manly as I could. Actually, he only knows about the orange hat; he has no idea that he’s getting a second one in blue. The reasoning behind the orange? Well, my brother likes to hunt and he loves the Clemson Tigers, whose colors are orange and purple. I don’t see my bro wearing purple, and when I suggested orange for Clemson colors, he was all for it because it could double as his hat for hunting. I’m not very knowledgeable about hunting, but he said that the deer were colorblind and hunters wear orange to make themselves stand out to other hunters for safety reasons. Anything to keep my bro from getting shot is good in my book. Anyway, for the orange hat, I’m going to use this pattern…just a simple beanie. I have some nice chunky bright orange yarn that I’m going to use. The second hat, the blue one, will be knit with this pattern. Do you all think it’s manly enough? I also plan on adding an extra inch (or maybe an inch and a half) before I start to decrease, like the pattern recommends, to make sure that it covers his ears completely.

Laura, Chuck’s wife: Laura will also be getting a hat. I’m going to use some of my Patons SWS that I just purchased to knit this hat. The author said that it should cover the ears, and I hope that Laura likes it. I’m also almost halfway finished with a purse for her too. I’m using a berry pink and a dusty blue for the colors, and I plan on lining it (haven’t decided on the fabric yet) and the straps as well, for durability.

Taylor, Chuck & Laura’s baby girl: I decided to keep with the family “theme” of hats, and knit one up for her too. When I mentioned this to my mom, she reminded me that the hat would need to be extra warm and cover her ears as well. I’ve decided on a pixie hat and I’m going to use some cute chunky yarn that I got at the beginning of the year at Hobby Lobby. The thing that I liked most about this pattern was that it didn’t call for ties, but a button closure instead. I didn’t think Chuck and Laura wanted to deal with drool-soaked ties since I’m pretty sure Taylor is starting to stick anything and everything in her mouth. Oh! Big News! She started crawling 2 days ago! Also, Dominic has chosen one of his Elmo DVDs that he wants to give to Taylor, and he’s already wrapped it (with construction paper and stickers for tape). Be still my heart.

Momma: Haha, no Momma, I’m not going to post what you will be receiving, but just know that if time permits, you will be getting something that I’ve made that you’ve admired in the past. I just hope that it gets good use at your house! Just thinking about it makes me all itchy to sit at my sewing machine to finish it up, but I won’t have time for that until Friday night at the earliest. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get it finished!!

Dad: My dad requested a photo calendar like the one I made for my parents last year. And while I think that it may be too late to get one printed in time, I found a kit to make one at Michael’s so I’ll be going that route this year. I want to make/get my dad something else as well, I just haven’t figured it out yet. Momma? Any ideas? Should I make him a hat? I have some red yarn that’s a nice shade, not firetruck red. Do you think he’d like a hat too?

Mom-in-law: Steve has ‘commissoned’ me (haha that’s funny, it was ultimately my idea anyway) to crochet his mom an afghan that looks like the Texas flag. This is coming along slowly, but steadily. I have to finish this before we leave. I know I can do. I think I can, I think I can….. 🙂

Kimmie: Oh where do I start? Kimmie is my bestest friend in the whole world, and she is getting married 5 days before Christmas. Yes, my dear, you ARE getting 2 separate gifts, no matter how you protest. The only thing I will tell you is that your wedding gift will be mostly handmade, and your Christmas present was purchased and it’s for you and Chris. I hope you like it! 😀

Okay, I need to go get ready for work and my mind is racing so fast that my thoughts are all jumbled and not making much sense right now. I may, or may not come back later today and write some more. If I do, it will probably be more mindless rambling about things I want/need to get done before we leave.

36 days………


4 Responses to “Anticipation & Preparation”

  1. I thought math was one of your good subjects! There are 17 days left in November and you will arrive on the 17th of December. That adds up to be 34 days, not 36, silly girl. Anyway, I don’t think a knitted hat for dad will work. I have not seen him wear a knit hat in years, just his baseball caps, no matter how cold it is outside. I have not been to Michael’s yet, but will try to go this weekend. Also, I am going for a massage at the school on Saturday. You might be interested in knowing that there is now a Massage Envy in Charleston. You are not going to believe all the construction that has taken place in the 9 or so months since your last visit to Charleston. Obviously, downtown pretty much stays the same all the time, but around us things have sprouted up all over the place. By the way, you asked how much gas is here and I heard it is $1.92 a gallon at the Hess on Ashley Phosphate Road. Better hurry up with those gifts – only 34 days left!!!!

  2. 2 Geertrude

    Ha, I wish I had 34 days! We do the big gift-giving at Sinterklaas, on December 5th. I was shocked when I realized that is only three weeks from now!

  3. oh! that pixie hat is just too cute! i LOVE it! and i love all your christmas preparations! i’m getting there on mine, too, i think.

    glad you are one of my winners. 🙂 this will be fun!

  4. you can post it anytime within the next few days – tomorrow would be absolutely fine.

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