Attn: Mom & Kim


I need a favor. It’s not a life-or-death favor, but it is important to me. You see….Michael’s is having a sale this week, and I did not find out until it was almost too late. Well, it is partially too late because I am a hoarder (of yarn to be more exact). Am I confusing you yet? Okay, allow me to explain. As I’ve already said, Michael’s is having a sale…a HUGE yarn sale. Of course, this makes my heart race and breath heavily. A little overdramatic? Sure. The favor? Can you PLEASE hit up your Michael’s and see if they have anymore of a certain yarn on sale. You see, this particular yarn is normally $5.99 for a 3oz skein, and Michael’s has it marked down 2/$3. This yarn is amazingly soft and it is self-striping. It’s wonderful, and I have to acquire as much as humanly possible. Okay, maybe not quite that much, but seriously. I love this yarn, and it’s a steal! Okay…so the yarn.
The yarn that I am so desperate for is the stuff in the back: Patons SWS. The SWS stands for Soy Wool Stripes. The other yarn, the Bernat Jacquards baby yarn, is $3 a skein (marked down from $3.99) and I’m almost as spazzy about it as I am about the SWS. The appeal to the Bernat? Well, it’s self patterning. I don’t know if you can see the bunny on the label, the pink and green stripey goodness of it, but that’s made with just one skein of the Bernat. There’s white mixed in with that and it also has little flecks of other colors mixed in too. This yarn already has a purpose, but I’ll get to that on Friday.

Anyway, Mom and Kim, can you humor your girl and go see if Michael’s is having the same sale? I can pay you back (plus shipping of course) and Mom, this would make a wonderful Christmas present. Heck, stuff my stocking with it! haha Just kidding!!

Okay, okay. Enough with the spazzy yarn obsession, I do have something else I wanted to show you all. I have progress pictures of Dom’s snakey. I really hope I can finish this because I think he would get a kick out of it. Here he is with his scrap yarn family. I’m using as much of my cotton yarn as I can.

And just to show how long it is:

My stitches aren’t as tight as I’d like for them to be, so I think I might have to line it before I stuff it and seam it up.

Anyway, whatcha think? =)


6 Responses to “Attn: Mom & Kim”

  1. Wells, there is a possibility that I might head to N. Chas this weekend to buy some things from the AC Moore, I can stop by and see what they’ve got for ya 🙂

  2. 2 Geertrude

    Wish we had a Michael’s… Those are good prices!
    I love the colors on the snake!

  3. you are a spaz! and i LOVE the snake! i’m assuming the green part is his head? oh, what fun!

  4. clarification: i meant “spaz” in the nicest possible way – like one friend to another. *smile*

    and yes, i am just the same about fabric. and i WILL NOT start knitting at the point in my life, or i would be like that about yarn, too! oh my!

  5. It’s perfectly okay to have a yarn obsession! I love the way you put the colors together…

  6. What great colors!! wow.

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