Everyone in my house has some form of crud. The hubs had some tummy crud and now he’s got a sore throat. The little princess has a wicked runny nose and I suspect that her throat is bothering her too because she’s been constantly asking for a drink. The soccer star has a very unique type of crud: the attitude crud. That boy is copping an attitude left and right. I have the exhausted crud: no matter how much I sleep, I can never store up enough energy to prevent running on fumes by dinnertime. Every time I think I’ve got one room clean in the house, another suddenly turn into a war zone. Mommy is just a little bit frazzeld I guess.

On a more positive note, I made 13 jars of pumpkin butter yesterday. I also made a huge mess, but that’s mostly gone now (dishes in the sink). I gave away 2 jars yesterday at church, but I’m still going to have to freeze the majority of the jars. I am quite pleased with myself, though.

I don’t have much to report on the knitting front. I didn’t touch Kait’s hat all weekend, but the high of 63 that is forecasted for this Saturday is motivation enough to finish it. She’s going to need it for the morning soccer game.

This post was mainly whining, and I’m sorry for that. I promise to post something with more substance tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Crud”

  1. No wonder you’re tired – making 13 jars of pumpkin butter!!!! That’s a job in itself not to mention laundry, keeping the house clean, running after kids, and managing the “attitude” crud, and whatever else needs to get done. Plus, don’t forget you worked all week which you are not used to doing. Hang in there, only 37 days to go until Nana and Pop Pop take over.

  2. This reminds me of Saturday’s dinner time prayer that I was able to share with ya’ll.

    Then *we* were told that we were laughing to loud.

    I hope the week gets better for you.

  3. oh, kristin. i’m praying for you. for bits of sunshine in your day. even just a bit can go a long way.

    i know what you mean about trying to clean – oh believe me – i know what you mean. that’s enough to drive anyone to distraction.

    you are allowed a whine every now and then.

    now tomorrow you must find that bit of sunshine that i prayed your way and post about that. *smile*

  4. 4 Geertrude

    Oh, I know what you’re going through! Just know things will get better, they did for me.
    Sending you hugs from the Netherlands!

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