Butterfly Garden


Before I write about the wonderful field trip I was able to attend last week, I figure I might as well throw my opinion about last night’s election out there along with everyone else’s. I have to admit, I was at a loss for words this morning as I learned the news (I was too exhausted to stay up; in fact, I was asleep before 8pm). I wasn’t particularly moved by either of the candidates, but I was very nervous about the outcome. The more conservatist in me was leaning towards McCain, however, the rationalist inside me knew that Obama would win. I think I’m okay with Obama’s win. Wait, scratch that. I honestly don’t know if I’m okay with his victory, but there’s no going back in time. Grin and bear it, I guess. I feel the only thing I can do now is hope; hope that President Obama can deliver on all of his promises. Only time will tell.

On to the Butterfly Garden.

We saw lots of butterflies, enjoyed the sunny weather, and made friends with a turtle. It was a good day. 🙂


4 Responses to “Butterfly Garden”

  1. It was an interesting election thats for sure.

  2. It was an interesting election thats for sure.

  3. wow. this did prove that america is ready for something other than another old, white man for president. i’m thinking through what i’m going to post today. i feel a little sick.

    the butterfly garden was beautiful! thanks for sharing the sunny pics!

  4. *zips lips concerning election*

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