Little joys


I am starting to feel overwhelmed, and it’s mostly my fault. It is Wednesday; there are 2 days, including today, left for me to finish the kids’ Halloween costumes, and I am only 50% finished. The house desperately needs some attention with a large side of elbow grease, and the weather is demanding I finish Kait’s hat.

When I get that “in over my head feeling” (Kimmie, did you just start singing The Fray song like I did?), I stop what I am doing, take a deep breath, and remember the little joys in my life. The things that make it obvious to me that the world is not going to come to and end if our coffee table is cluttered with books, knitting, remotes, crayons, a tissue box, a can of Pledge (where did that come from?). My children are thriving, the sun still sets and rises, even though I have been slacking on the housekeeping front. During my recent cases of overwhelmness (yes it’s a word, look it up in the Kristen Dictionary), I have found myself clinging to these little joys.

Love notes- ‘hidden’ under my dinner plate- from my sweet little man, written while he was at school.

I love you Mom! Hope you are having a good day. Do you hope I am having a good day. I love you mom. xoxoxox

The anticipation of a long-awaited (way overdue!!) union of two unbelievably huge hearts, and the priviledge of being included.

Gas prices…and as a result, only paying $24 to fill my gas tank.

Sweet farewells that make it so hard to go to work.

The promise of a late harvest, and my son’s unexpected interest and enthusiasm in growing our own food.

Halloween so close you can touch it, but weather that still permits drying clothes on the line.

My clothes-hanging companion.

The new addition to our home receiving immediate use.

My son’s first time carving a pumpkin. Is he really getting so big?

His is in the middle, and I didn’t get any in-progress photos. I was up to my elbows in pumpkin guts too.

My current obsession and the culprit of my overwhelm-ness. I just couldn’t resist.

Kimme, we are headed to the store this morning to buy the 4th.

What little joys can you find around you?


3 Responses to “Little joys”

  1. I love Dom’s handwriting! I think I *must* write him a letter snail mail!

    I love these photos and I take it that the Homer pumpkin is Steve’s? Are Chris and him related in some way?

    I get paid tomorrow and I am getting the books on my way home!

  2. i am with you in the overwhelmed department. actually, not so bad today. i got my house all cleaned up yesterday morning, and it is still pretty good. my to-do list is pretty long though, and – yeah – i hear ya.

    and that note from your little boy rocks. how sweet! you have to save that one!

  3. 3 Geertrude

    I love to see your little joys. I need to look for them today a bit harder than usual, but your post reminded me I should. Thanks!
    (seeing the little quilt being used and loved instead of waiting in the back of my closet certainly is a joy, by the way)

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