brisk and breezy


I’m lacking in words today. Its seems as if I am lost in my thoughts today. It’s nice to be lost every once in a while. So, I will just leave you with one thing that has me spellbound, and a few pictures that warm my heart.

Our forecast high temp for today is 68 degrees with winds 20-30mph. The forecasted low for tonight is 39 degrees.

Here’s to wearing layers and riding with the windows down and the heat on.

Remember those days, Kimmie?


4 Responses to “brisk and breezy”

  1. 1 kristenknits

    This is your publisher speaking….lol…

    I love reminiscing through pictures!!!!

  2. 2 justbeingkim


  3. your family looks so sweet!

    and i hear ya on the layers and windows down/ heat on, what in the world is the weather doing anyway sort of thing. minnesota is crazy like that too. *smile*

  4. Wanted to let you know about Vanna White’s Yarn Contest. You can win $1,000 and a trip to Los Angeles to meet Vanna White. You can find the official rules at Cathy asked me to send this along to you because she thinks you should enter.

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