Finished Friday


I’m starting a new themed post on Fridays. It’s called Finished Friday and I will be posting pictures of items that I have made. I’m hoping that this will keep me inspired and driven to finish all of the Christmas and wedding knitting that I have on my plate. This will also be tricky because 2 of the people whom I am knitting for read my blog. I will have to be sneaky (which will entail me posting a heading like “Kimmie! Don’t you dare read this post!” or “Mom! Don’t look!” or something along those lines…yea I know, I’m so discreet). Anyway, today I am going to show you a couple pictures of one of my stashes (yes I have more than one…they are organized into yarn type or use, ie: sock yarn, wool, cotton, baby yarn…you get the idea), and then some pictures of what I have created with said stash. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Here is my cotton stash. Dishcloth cotton, more specifically Peaches ‘n Creme or Sugar ‘n Creme (Mom, I hope you are taking notes! Very good Christmas present idea here and it’s inexpensive!). For those of you who are not savvy to yarn types, Peaches/Sugar ‘n Creme is 100% cotton yarn that is used primarily for dishcloths (or Swiffer cloths…more on that later), but some have found other uses for it as well (like me, I’m using solid colors to knit Dom a Slithery Snake from this book and the snake is on the cover. Cute, I know).

I, personally, have a cotton yarn addiction. It started with a trip to my local Wal-Mart.

And then I discovered more at Michael’s.

Hobby Lobby has an excellent selections as well.

I don’t have a picture of my entire collection, but I have added and taken away from there (these pictures are from Summer/Fall 2007).

So, what do I make with all of this wonderful yarn (which is 2oz for under $2…oh my goodness!)? Why dishcloths….of course!


6 Responses to “Finished Friday”

  1. I really want to learn how to knit. YOU MUST TEACH ME!

  2. 2 Geertrude

    That’s a great stash! I love variegated yarns. And so inexpensive? Wow! We have only one store where they sometimes sell cheap cotton, but never in colors that nice.
    Lovely dishcloths too!

  3. Okay Kris. Please make me a half dozen dishcloths so I can put them in your stocking for Christmas. Ha ha ha

  4. i love hand knits!

    someday . . .

    right now i have a fabric stash and two small children and i just. can. not. start knitting right now.

    that cotton yarn is also perfect for a spring or fall hat – my kiddos grandma has made some for them – i’ll post pics sometime . . .

    happy day to you!

  5. i’m back – what did you have your eye on for a ‘tiny swap’?

    *wink* back at ya. and a *smile*

  6. First time seeing your blog. I am impressed! Also, now it gives me a chance to see your two little angels. Can’t wait until Christmas when we can finally all be together again.

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