Such kindness from the Netherlands


A while back, I discovered a blog. The author is a sweet lady named Geertrude. When I find a blog that I like, I read through all of the posts. Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, I came across this post, and fell in love with this farm quilt. It was so charming and completely different than anything I have in my home. On a more recent post, she talked about knitting some hats with Soulemama‘s favorite hat pattern, and offered them in a giveaway. Free hand knitted item that is one-of-a-kind and so pretty? Of course I entered! But oh, poor sweet Geertrude…she couldn’t choose a winner, so she very generously offered a gift to each gal who entered. When she emailed me to offer me the farm quilt, I about flipped my lid! I gave her my address and then yesterday (only took a week or so!) it arrived on my doorstep! I was at work, so the hubs received it and then promptly forgot that it came. I didn’t find it until after the kids were already in bed. I photographed it this morning, as soon as enough light peeked through the clouds.

She also included an adorable handbag that Kaitlin is trying to claim for herself.

The back of the quilt (the farm pillowcase that she talks about in the post).

I’ve already found a spot for it in our home, and it is Kaitlin-approved. ha.

Thank you SO MUCH Geertrude!! I can’t wait to get home, curl up under it, and knit the night away!!


4 Responses to “Such kindness from the Netherlands”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    Oh, I’m blushing…
    I’m so glad it arrived this soon and I’m very relieved that you like it in real life too (yes, that’s me, always worrying about what people think of the things I make).

  2. oh, kristin! how lovely!

    isn’t geertrude the sweetest lady?

    i am awaiting my little dutch package – so, the fact that you have yours makes me wonder when mine will come! soon, i think!

    this blogging thing is SO much fun! and i am very thankful for a select few (you included) who read me every day and leave little notes. i feel like i’ve made some new friends.

  3. Such beautiful work!!!!

  4. 4 justbeingkim

    hehehe…Silence! I kill you! You made me laugh this morning. Yes, I got ur message last night. My phone has been kinda kooky. Apparently Chris tried to call me yesterday morning and it kept going straight to the voice mail message….stupid comcast!

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