Hay rides, mazes, and pumpkins! Oh my!


**I am struggling with the layout of my blog, so I apologize in advance if things are different every time you visit my blog. I’m trying to figure out this whole custom header thing. You can click on the photos to see their full size.

Okay, before I blab about how fun our trip to the pumpkin patch was, I just want to say thank you to you all. Even if you don’t leave a comment, I know that my blog is getting more traffic and that makes me so excited. If you see/read something you like, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to comment/ask! I love hearing from others out there in blog land!

On to our fun Saturday. Like I said before, we went to Sweet Berry Farm. If you are local and you’ve never visited this farm, it is a definite autumn must! We had a very good time, despite the crowds and heat (I think it was in the high 80s). The staff is very nice and helpful, and there was lots to do. Being the camera-crazy mama that I am, I took a bunch of pictures. I will try to limit myself to my absolute favorites, but I love them all; so sit back with a cuppa drink of your choice and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and the experience.

We had an hour drive to the farm.

 K couldn’t fight it any longer and konked out about 15 minutes before we arrived.

We brought a wagon with us for K to ride in and ultimately to transport our pumpkins at the end of the day, but we didn’t expect to use it like this.

Of course, this didn’t last long and she quickly perked up once we were surrounded by pumpkins.

One of my pumpkins with the sugar pumpkins. His expression kills me.

You can get one of these big boys for around $35. Steve was really tempted, but when I reminded him that he would have to carve it, he changed his mind. haha

We couldn’t resist this charming old mini tractor.

Next we took a family picture by some bails of hay and walked through the kids’ corn maze. I can’t find the pictures right now (I’m at work) so check back later today and hopefully I will have had a free minute to upload them.

After the corn maze we took a hay ride.

Again, apparently I didn’t upload all of the pictures on my photobucket, so make sure to check back to see a picture of Dom on the hay ride as well.

Daddy and his girl, walking to the hay ride.

Finally, after we’d had our fill of pumpkin ice cream (no pictures because Mama was too busy indulging), we went on the search for the perfect pumpkin(s).

Our loot (minus some gourds that had already made it into the house):
1 Daddy sized pumpkin, 1 Mama sized pumpkin, 1 Dom sized pumpkin, 1 Kait sized pumpkin (actually 2 and they will be made into something delicious)

*Pay no attention to the unfinished tiled porch. Hubs had to put the project on hold when the hot weather hit this summer. Apparently he wants to finish it this weekend. We’ll see.
So, we had a blast. I look forward to making this trip a fall tradition for our family. What fall traditions does your family enjoy?

4 Responses to “Hay rides, mazes, and pumpkins! Oh my!”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    Oh, that farm sounds like so much fun! I’ve never even seen so many pumpkins in real life. We don’t really have fall traditions. To much rain, I guess.

  2. I can’t wait to have babies so we can take them to the pumpkin patch…I tried to talk Chris into letting me get a pumpkin for us to carve, but he flat out refused!

  3. hello kristin!

    nice to know that you checked in on me, even though i wasn’t home. *smile*

    the farm does look like fun! i love the HUGE pumpkins – and your very own two little “pumpkins” are so sweet – they obviously love each other – which means that you and your husband are doing a good job with them.

    our fall traditions – one of them is this weekend in october when we go to ben’s parents’ place up in northern minnesota – his other three siblings and their families and a few other very close – almost family members – join us and we have an early thanksgiving dinner and – well – this week my blog will tell all about it!

  4. The kids are getting so big! I am going on a pumpkin hunt myself this week. Jacks made some awesome ones for us last year. Can’t wait to see you for the wedding!

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