Sometimes they just melt my heart


It’s 6:45am. The 4 of us are crammed into Mama & Daddy’s queen sized bed, getting in some last minute snuggles before the snooze alarm goes off for the 9th time. We finally roll out of bed, quite grudgingly mind you, and as I am wrapping myself up in my pink marshmellow robe (more on that later because, seriously, it deserves its own post), K attacks D with a big hug.

She looks up at me and says “I lud mah Bubba” in her sweet little bird voice.

Be still my heart.

This random act of sibling love lit a spark in me. As I was browsing through my pictures, looking for something to jump out at me & say “blog about me,” (as I have lots of pictures that have never seen the light of day haha) I came across some photos of the kids together that spanned the past year.

(blurry yes, but still sweet)

He got his bed set up, and then she followed suit (with the body pillow from Mama’s bed).

The picture from their birthday party invitation (their birthdays are 9 days apart).

A little word about the bruise on her forehead. The day of her party, she was inside getting her bathing suit on with Daddy. She was so excited to get in the pool that she ran out the backdoor, completely forgot about the step down, and fell flat on her face on the concrete. I was horrified as I watched the whole thing and heard the sickening thud as her head hit the ground. I’ll never forget that day, but obviously she survived. This was taken the day after the party and after the swelling had gone down.

I don’t remember what she was upset about, but I do remember him climbing up on the couch to console her.

No caption needed for this one.

Anytime I get discouraged or frustrated with the state of our world, I look at this photo (it’s on my phone) and it refreshes me. It’s a constant reminder that the whole world isn’t bad. There is some good left, all we need to do is look to our children for it.


2 Responses to “Sometimes they just melt my heart”

  1. 1 Geertrude

    Such a sweet post! That last picture is great!
    My kids do fight a lot (bickering, not physical fighting) but when one of them has a problem, they always stand up for each other.

  2. sweet post!

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