Is it the weekend yet?


This week is going by slowly for me. I enjoyed my 4 day weekend too much, I think.

We are getting AT&T Uverse today. I’m very excited as I don’t care for the Direct TV that we have right now. It drives me crazy sometimes! (like when we get a lovely windy day and the satellite goes out. grr) Also, we are getting a DVR with the Uverse, so I’m reeeeally excited by that! I often miss my favorite soap (my mama got me hooked!) because I’m either working or I’m out with Debra. While I can watch any missed episodes online, I’d rather watch them on the bigger tv screen.

Wow, I am rambling about tv. Sorry about that.

In preparation for getting the Uverse, we had to clean our room. It was in dire need of cleaning attention, and now that everything is in its place, I really want to paint. We’ve discussed paint colors in the past and are leaning towards either robin’s egg blue (my choice) or sky blue. There’s only 3 painted rooms in our house so far (2 of which are bathrooms), so there are white walls everywhere. It’s starting to get to me, I think. haha

This is such a random and rambly post. I think I’m going to end it here. And just so that you aren’t stuck reading my ramblings without something to look at:

What our weekends will hopefully be filled with now that it’s getting cooler out.


One Response to “Is it the weekend yet?”

  1. I could not live without DVR now. I love, love, love it! Season passes are the best invention ever. Enjoy it.

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