I think I may be in over my head


School started this week. Dominic is officially in first grade. They have desks that they can put their school supplies in. He’s a big boy now, or so I have been told. I also started school this week. I’m taking 4 classes this semester: Accounting, Government Politics, Business Professional Speaking (aka Speech…bleh!), and a math class. I’m taking the math class online. I hope I’m cut out for all of this. I’m also working 15-20 hrs a week, but the 20 hr weeks really aren’t that bad because I work the Saturday shift at the hospital gift shop, and it’s not busy at all, so I can study or work on Christmas presents.

My mind is already goo this morning, so here’s a list of things I hope to accomplish this week:
-Mop the kitchen floor.
-Finish the knit brontosaurus for Dom for Christmas. I need to knit the head and neck, then stuff and assemble it. I’ve finished the body and 4 legs. There’s 2 other dinos that come with the pattern (Stegosaurus and Triceratops…will post the pattern when I finish the bronto and post about it). I’m starting as early as possible to get all of the kids’ (and other family members’) presents done. I hope to make 99% of the gifts this year. We’re not that tight on cash or anything, I’ve just recently been creeped out by the whole lead paint and plastic issues. Of course there’s no way to completely eliminate the plastic in the house, but I can do my best to reduce it.
-Finish the pink crocheted hippo for Kait for Christmas. I need to stuff and assemble it. I’ve also decided that all the toys I make for the kids this year will have embroidered faces. I’m too lazy to search my local craft stores for safety eyes, and at least I won’t have to worry about performing eye surgery on any of the toys. The down side of this is that my embroidery skills are beginner, at best. I can backstitch and do french knots, so hopefully that will be enough.
-Sew a shoulder pad for the strap on my messenger bag. I actually hope to construct it this afternoon as I have 2 rather large textbooks to take with me to class tonight (Accounting) and a 3 subject notebook.
-Sew some bigger bibs for Kaitlin. She’s been very independent lately and wants to feed herself, and with one of her favorite meals being cereal, she tends to make quite a mess (yes I give it to her with milk, otherwise she won’t eat it). Even if I bother to put one of her “baby” bibs on her, it doesn’t really protect her clothes much. I’m planning to recon her receiving blankets (we have a BUNCH!!) and putting 1-2 layers of towel in the middle (we also have a BUNCH of terry washcloths).
-Bake banana bread muffins. Dom has been bugging me lately to make him some more.  

We got a clothesline 2 weekends ago and I’m totally in love. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but I’m enjoying it for now. That’s it. I’m off to finish getting myself and Kait ready, and then we are off to the sitter’s and I’m off to class (Speech eeek!). Have a good day!


One Response to “I think I may be in over my head”

  1. I love my clothesline, I wouldn’t feel at home without one. Nothing quite like the smell of laundry dried in the open air.

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