Inspiration Overload


Two posts in one day, yes I know. I did say there would be more links though. This post will be part inspiration, part tutorial, part whatever else I find.

I really want to make one of these crayon rolls for each of my kiddos. We are flying this Christmas to SC, and I’m planning on making them each a goodie bag. I love the concept of this crayon roll in particular because each space matches the color of the crayon that it holds. How clever is that? I’m hoping it will help my little girl (who will be 2 1/2 come this Christmas) with her colors. I’m thinking maybe I can add little cross-stitched rectangles with each color so she can associate more.

Car litter bags:

Absolutely adorable bunnies made from old cashmere sweaters (found at Goodwill):

U-shaped travel pillow made from recycled size 4T sweatpants:

Ribbon Flags that would be really cute to decorate cupcakes:

Knit Bangles:

Elf shoes for Christmas decorations:

Button Wreath Ornament

Crocheted Christmas Lights

Crocheted Reindeer Ornament

Crocheted Snowman Ornament

Mitten Ornament

Owl Applique Coasters

Grocery Bag Dispenser

Reversible Patchwork Bib w/ Pocket

Crocheted Unicorn Pattern

Stuffed Felted Monster


One Response to “Inspiration Overload”

  1. i LOVE this post! all the links are fabulous! thanks!
    and you are welcome to visit my blog anytime. 🙂

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