Just some knitting rambles


Meghan's Danica Progress

So, I casted on the Danica for Debra’s daughter, Meghan. I really like the colorway Debra picked out: Patons SWS Natural Garden. The colors are very earthy, which I’m not normally crazy about (I like bright colors and pastels…colors that pop), but these colors are very pretty and elegant. I really hope her daughter likes this scarf, if not, maybe I can buy it off of Debra. 🙂 Pay her for the yarn she bought. haha. This isn’t the first item I’ve knitted for her. Her son, Joshua, is in drama and he needed a mane for one of his costumes, a lion. Debra called me asking for any advice (apparently I’m one of the craftiest people she knows haha), so I told her to pick up some fun fur-ish yarn from Michael’s in 2 colors: brown and tan, and to bring them to my house and I would knit him up a sort of skinny tube that he could wear around his face (top of his head down around his chin). It came out pretty neat and if I ever get around to it, I’ll get a picture of it to put on here.

I’ve finished one of the Diva cloths for Debra. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I was knitting those for her or not. She and I are in the same Bunko group and our group is called the Dice Divas. Well, it’s Debra’s turn next month to host, so she asked me if I could knit up 6 of these cloths. Our group pays $8/month which pays for dinner for the night and 6 gifts plus 6 “loser” gifts. We have 12 girls in our group, so this way everyone walks away with something. Anyway, she asked me to knit up 6 of these cloths as the “loser” gifts. She bought the yarn, again: Sugar ‘n Creme Lavender, Peach, and a pretty Denim blue color. They’re knitted up on size 6 needles. I didnt’ have a pattern when I started, just a photo of one that someone else knitted, so I charted up the letters from that photo. The first one came out better than I expected, but I still made one mistake. Oh well. To error is human, right?

That’s all for now I guess. I’m at work today (I work at a hospital gift shop), so I might post another entry later with some of my previous FO’s.


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